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PRPC on affirmation and negation in seville biennial politics



David Riff text on the Karl Marx School of the English Language


The Karl Marx School of the
English Language

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This essay describes the Karl Marx School of the English Language, a reading group of artists and intellectuals based in Moscow. It explores the backgrounds and details of their reading practice, going into particular detail concerning the ‘‘Theses on Feuerbach.’’ It also discusses the implications of the reading group’s transformation into an art project.

Matthijs de Bruijne’s 1000 Dreams online


There is nothing but activity around me. Countless buses, battered and shabby, perform a chaotic dance on the streets, crossing each others way. The asphalt is cracked and the numerous houses along the streets, supposedly new, already look old. I’m in the Pearl River Delta. Everything is ugly here. It’s an area where nobody comes from; everybody comes from somewhere else. It’s an area completely focused on production, where human beings are no more than instruments for a purpose. I’m at the end of a three-month journey through China. On the second floor of my hotel, there’s a discotheque for those who have made it, those who have gained success. They are welcomed at the entrance by the most beautiful girls of the city.

artist feature Zhao Liang in new Camera Austria Magazine Issue


beijing artist and participant of Principio Potosí Project featured in new Camera Austria Issue

also in the magazine: Interview with Zhao Liang (with paticipation of Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann during the Salzburg Summer Academy this summer)

David Harvey introduces ‘primitive accumulation’


brief but clear introduction to the primitive accumulation chapter of marx