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Announced presentation of the Principio Potosí catalogue suspended


The presentation of the Principio Potosí catalogue edited by the curators at Museo Reina Sofía announced for September 2nd has to be suspendend.

The editors/curators would like to express their apologies about this fact. The exhibition will have to end at the Museo Reina Sofía venue on September 6th without being able to present a publication equivalent to the show that gives  insight in the discussions, dialogues, and background information to the artist projects that build the spine of this project.

New presentation date is set for the inauguration of the show at the next venue, on October 7th at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.

example page – opener of chapter three of the exhibition parcours (How can we sing the alien song in the land of the Lord?)

De Diego’s judgement at last: “a failed exhibition”


Prominent professor at Complutense Univesity Madrid, Estrella de Diego, takes the last chance to publish on the exhibition:

“Es una exposición fallida / It is a failed exhibition” – Span. language

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Very comprehensive article on Rebelió in Spanish language by César de Vicente Hernando

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Hasta el 6 de Septiembre de 2010 estará en el MNCARS de Madrid la exposición Principio Potosí. ¿Cómo podemos cantar el canto del Señor en tierra ajena?, un insólito experimento de cómo el museo puede dejar de ser un espacio de circulación de obras artísticas para convertirse en un centro de producción crítica de nuestra sociedad. No sé si es un hecho aislado en España pero el trabajo de Alice Creischer, Max Jorge Hinderer y Andreas Siekmann es una inteligente y sobrecogedora indagación en las relaciones que se dan entre la ciudad de Potosí del siglo XVI y la conformación del capitalismo en los siglos posteriores.


Video on Noticias Culturales Iberoamericanas


Video on the exhibition at MNCARS with an Elvira Espejo soundtrack and Francisco Godoy guiding around and resuming the show, by  Noticias Culturales Iberoamericanas

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Sauna magazine misinterprets Principio Potosí show as football match


argentinian male dominated art magazine “sauna” misinterprets the Principio Potosí show as a sort of football match

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CORRECTION: this article suggests all Bolivian participants turned their back on the project. This is more than wrong. The Bolivian writers and artists participating in this project and catalogue are even the strongest fraction in terms of national refrence and are (in alphabetic order):

Luis Victor Alemán V., María Isabel Álvarez Plata, Edgar Arandia, Gabriela Behoteguy, Elvira Espejo, María Galindo / Mujeres Creando, Teresa Gisbert, Luis Guaraní, Max Jorge Hinderer, Jorge Hurtado Gumucio, Fátima Olivarez, Jorge Sanjinés, Luis Tapia

However, one important aim of this project can be stated as to avoid reactionary national categories.

CARTA magazine by MNCARS on Principio Potosí


MNCARS published the first issue of a new museum journal (Spanish language)

download pdf here.

This first volume’s cover story is a parallel publication for the purposes the museum has towards the exhibition Principio Potosí. It is however not connected to the work the artists, correspondents and curators developed colectively as an exhibition.

For this reason the curators would like to explicitly dissociate themselves from the CARTA publication project and state that the opinions represented under the topic Principio Potosí in this publication are not to be confused with the political and artistic positions worked out in the exhibition and under the project name Principio Potosí.



video shared by Konstanze Schmitt

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NZZ neue züricher zeitung on the show at MNCARS


article dated 05/08/2010 – by Brigitte Kramer

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