Sauna magazine misinterprets Principio Potosí show as football match

argentinian male dominated art magazine “sauna” misinterprets the Principio Potosí show as a sort of football match

click foto of the nude male editors of the magazine to view article on

CORRECTION: this article suggests all Bolivian participants turned their back on the project. This is more than wrong. The Bolivian writers and artists participating in this project and catalogue are even the strongest fraction in terms of national refrence and are (in alphabetic order):

Luis Victor Alemán V., María Isabel Álvarez Plata, Edgar Arandia, Gabriela Behoteguy, Elvira Espejo, María Galindo / Mujeres Creando, Teresa Gisbert, Luis Guaraní, Max Jorge Hinderer, Jorge Hurtado Gumucio, Fátima Olivarez, Jorge Sanjinés, Luis Tapia

However, one important aim of this project can be stated as to avoid reactionary national categories.


One Response to “Sauna magazine misinterprets Principio Potosí show as football match”

  1. Juan Batalla Says:

    Although had previously heard of it, it was not my idea to talk about all the rumble with El Colectivo as the main subject of the exhibition. But, after paying attention to the feeling of something gone wrong that I felt during the visit to the show, I found the needed answer of it in the Potosí Reverso text that the Reina Sofía provided. It is very interesting to find these discrepancies openly featured and I am thankful of it, it was enrichening to read both sides´ ideas about it. It doesn´t matter if there are many other Bolivian participants. What emerges is that what happenned with El Colectivo left a trascendental and unavoidable scar. Thousands of Bolivians can´t hide the ideological facts that this episode put on the table.
    Now I must say, the closed and one-sided views that Principio Potosí reflects obviously have a continuity in commentaries about Sauna magazine staff as: “male dominated” and “nude male editors”. I don´t need to emphasize that those are discriminatory concepts that try to disqualify through prejudice about gender and morality.

    Juan Batalla

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