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at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) Berlin exhibition venue


08.10.-02.01.2011 | WED – MON and on holidays 11:00 – 19:00h, TUE closed
Guided tours 10.10. – 19.12. SAT + SUN 15:00h

Film programme 07th, 14th, 21st November  — screenings START at 17h at HKW (more…)

Video of opening at HKW on


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Sonia Abian’s APARATOANGEL blog (The Angel Apparatus Blog) online


complementary to the installation of Aparatoángel by Sonia Abian at HKW in Berlin, the artist created a blog including a comprehensive selection of material used for the work in a two language version (Spanish/German)




click image above to access Sonia Abian’s Aparatoangel Blog in Spanish Version

to access German Version click here

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Interview with Edgar Arandia by Maria Galindo on Radio Deseo La Paz 103.3 FM


Entrevista de Maria Galindo con Edgar Arandia Quiroga, Director del Museo Nacional de Arte La Paz, para Radio Deseo, emitido 10.10.2010 en – radio 103.3 FM La Paz

(spanish language)


NOID – The Long Memory of Cocaine Research Group Journal


please click image above to download The Long Memory of Cocaine research group journal with texts in Spanish and English by John Barker, Jorge Hurtado Gumucio, Max J Hinderer et al (more…)

the end of RESSOURCES as we know it – conference on the colonial memory of Latin America


conference at HAU3 (Hebbel am Ufer) Berlin organized by Gabriela Massuh and Julia Roth – featuring Eduardo Molinari, Luis Tapia, Maristella Svampa, Raúl Zibechi, Elamr Altvater and many more – click image above to download conference programme and info-pdf (German language)

taz review – “Silver of the netherworld”


click image above to read article by Christina Nord on

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Agitprop from the Andes: redundant, fixated on power relations and commodity flows

11/10/2010 prefers the show upside down: not on the political left and without theory. “This exhibition is decidedly leftist and thus commits all failures the leftists commit. It is fixated on power relations and commodity flows, too theoretical and redundant. With a tremendous verbal effort it only comes to the conclusion that the world is pretty iniquitous. But that doesn’t matter: the fascinating cosmos of images that is created by the show, speaks its very own and eloquent language – all without words.” – by Oliver Heilwagen, in German language

click Photo of León Ferrari’s adaptation of the Infierno de Caquiaiviri above, or here to access article


“A compelling show – Take time, go there, follow the guide, or adventure your own ways”


“Entstanden ist eine in ihrer Formenvielfalt überwältigende Schau .. Also: Zeit nehmen, hingehen, dem Guide folgen oder eigene, verschlungene Wege wagen.”

Review by Lilian-Astrid Geese for

German language

Arbeitstage – Potosí Principle Workshops at HKW October 8th-9th


download workshop programme in ->Spanish, ->English, or ->German

Artists, curators, theorists, and “correspondents” will come together during the workshops which are part of the „Potosí-Principle”- exhibition to discuss and elaborate following topics: How can we describe colonial as well as contemporary global contexts with Marx’s principle of “primordial accumulation”? How and where is cultural hegemony being produced? Which artistic interventions or practices and which dissenting votes can undermine the standards of a “universal museum” within an internationalised world?
With the participation of Thomas Kuczynski, Silvia Federici, Peter Linebaugh, David Riff, Tom Flynn, Anthony Davies, Timothy Hart, John Barker, Edgar Arandia, Maria Galindo (Mujeres Creando), Elvira Espejo, Eduardo Molinari, Isaías Grinolo, Matthijs de Bruijne, Sonia Abian, Konstanze Schmitt, Christian von Borries, Zhibin Lin and Sun Heng (Migrant Worker Museum) as well as the curators of the project.