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Principio Potosí / Das Potosí-Prinzip / The Potosí Principle Process Blog


Welcome! On this blog you will find exhibition reviews of the three ‘Principio Potosí’ shows in Madrid (MNCARS), Berlin (HKW) and La Paz (MNA and MUSEF) and related events, comments, visual material, and texts in different languages (English/Spanish/German). The entries follow chronological order. For basic information please visit the ‘pages’ using the links on the right hand side.

Bienvenidos! En este blog encontrarán reseñas y comentarios sobre las tres muestras en Madrid (Museo Reina Sofía), Berlín (Casa de las Culturas del Mundo, HKW) y La Paz (MNA y MUSEF), y otros eventos vinculados al proyecto ‘Principio Potosí’, mas materiales visuales, el catálogo en castellano y textos en otros idomas (inglés y alemán). Las entradas siguen en orden cronológico desde agosto del 2008 hasta finales del 2011. Para informaciones básicas por favor consultar las ‘páginas’ siguiendo los links aqui encima a la derecha.


Announced presentation of the Principio Potosí catalogue suspended


The presentation of the Principio Potosí catalogue edited by the curators at Museo Reina Sofía announced for September 2nd has to be suspendend.

The editors/curators would like to express their apologies about this fact. The exhibition will have to end at the Museo Reina Sofía venue on September 6th without being able to present a publication equivalent to the show that gives  insight in the discussions, dialogues, and background information to the artist projects that build the spine of this project.

New presentation date is set for the inauguration of the show at the next venue, on October 7th at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.

example page – opener of chapter three of the exhibition parcours (How can we sing the alien song in the land of the Lord?)