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Video – artistas y contextos


video by the communication department of MNCARS

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Exhibition MNCARS May 2010


imagen de Cartel de Principio Potosí (more…)

exhibition pictures at MNCARS madrid


pictures taken from David Riffs presentation in Moscow

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Principio Potosí Seminar Madrid May 2010


Principio Potosí. How can we sing the alien song in the land of the Lord?

Fecha: 7, 8, 10 y 12 de mayo de 2010
Hora: 19:30 h los días 7, 8 y 10
18:00 h el día 12; 1800 el día 12

David Riff text on the Karl Marx School of the English Language


The Karl Marx School of the
English Language

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This essay describes the Karl Marx School of the English Language, a reading group of artists and intellectuals based in Moscow. It explores the backgrounds and details of their reading practice, going into particular detail concerning the ‘‘Theses on Feuerbach.’’ It also discusses the implications of the reading group’s transformation into an art project.