We don’t want to perform an omnipotent objective perspective, as pretended by some curators acting on a global scale. Though we’re relying on an informal network of friendships, collaborations, correspondents, and travels, that should combine to a curatorship,in a broader sense, consisting of heterogeneous points of view. These points of view would geographically focus La Paz, Beijing, Dubai, Moscow, Madrid, Berlin and London. So-called correspondents were invited, who can transfuse the discussion about the Potosí Principle into their local context and own interests. The correspondents report from their own experience about the local Principio Potosí and are themselves able to invite further artists to collaborate.

  • Matthijs der Bruijne / artist, correspondent Beijing
  • Anthony Davies / cultural critic and writer, correspondent London
  • David Riff / art critic and writer, correspondent Moscow

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